Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

Vote in AMC’s Most Dangerous Zombie Hunter Poll !

AMC is hosting a “Most Dangerous Zombie Hunter Poll” right now.  The cool / unconventional part of this poll is that from the outset you can vote all the way to the win in one go.  Then everyone’s votes get tallied.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead) VS   Ken Foree (Peter, Dawn of the Dead – original)

Will Smith (Robert Neville, I Am Legend)  VS  Cillian Murphy (Jim, 28 Days Later)

Woody Harrelson (Tallahassee, Zombieland)  VS  Simon Pegg (Shaun, Shaun of the Dead)

Bruce Campbell (Ash “Ashley” Williams, The Evil Dead series)  VS  Milla Jovovich (Alice, Resident Evil series)

Now, first off, I’m not telling you who I’m voting for.  (If I were honest, I would admit its because I have no clue who I’m voting for just yet.  If I were dishonest, I’d say its because I want you to make up your own mind.)  This is only the first round in AMC’s poll, there are still a few other elimination rounds.  Keep track and vote at http://polls.amctv.com//chart/data/2623-lead-1.html.

For me, who I will ultimately vote for depends on a few factors.  The worst part is that they’re all really amazing characters with their own unique zombies to face.  So what exactly, defines the “most dangerous” (read: most unabashedly bad-ass) zombie fighter ?  Is it weapons prowess (Alice), or is it pure luck (Shaun) ?  Or perhaps crazy good catch phrases (Tallahassee and Ash might tie on this one…)  Perhaps its the ability to survive sprinting, drooling, rage-infested zombies (Jim) ?  Each of these characters represents a path in my downward spiral into full immersion of zombie culture…so I’m not sure how I’d even begin to choose.

{Update:  I just did the poll – no, I’m still not telling you who I voted for, and I got to the end.  Wasn’t terribly impressed.  It seems worth the conversation and the giggles, and its worth seeing what other people gave as reasons for who they picked.  Other than that, I highly disagree with the outcome.}


Holly Ann Kasprzak

3 thoughts on “Vote in AMC’s Most Dangerous Zombie Hunter Poll !

  1. Just took the poll myself and I, too, disagree with the winner — robbed my champion was, robbed!

    • I think it was rigged. I got Rick Grimes, and so did a few other people that I know. I figure with the following Bruce Campbell has in the cult scene that he would have been an easy win. It was down to him and Tallahassee (from Zombieland).
      All of the contenders were strong, but I think with the most violent, Alice would have been the tops – she was genetically altered, after all. And Grimes doesn’t kill for the violence or the entertainment of it. He accepts it for what it is and kills the undead to put them to rest.
      What are your thoughts ?

      • Yeah, I was sure Bruce Campbell had it in the bag and I stuck with him until the end. Rick Grimes is a good shot but just doesn’t cut it as the best “Zombie Hunter” — largely because he’s not *hunting* zombies, he’s just trying to survive, like most of the characters in the poll. Alice and Tallahassee are definite hunters though, and Ash could be in that category as well, depending on the movie — he was definitely just trying to hold it together in Evil Dead 2, though, until he went a bit nuts 🙂

        I think Rick G. mostly got the top win because: (1) He’s the most recent addition to the list, so he’s fresh in people’s minds, and (2) the poll is put on by AMC — the channel that brought Walking Dead to TV — so he has some home court advantage as fans of the show just stop by the AMC website, see the poll, and vote in it, picking the character that’s featured in the show they came to visit about: The Walking Dead.

        That’s my theory anyway 🙂

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