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The Scariest Movie I Have Ever Seen.

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If I were to choose the scariest movie that I have ever seen, then I would choose “INSIDIOUS”.

INSIDIOUS” successfully avoided so many common pitfalls in the horror movie industry.  The haunting started almost immediately, and very quickly grew in horrifying intensity.  At first, objects were moved around the house (sheet music box in the attic, books moved off a shelf onto a floor, etc.) and quickly became  more frightening and threatening (bloody footprints, loud voices, visions, etc.)  All of this was done without the use of excessive blood and gore.

The next pitfall that “INSIDIOUS” avoided is more my own personal pet peeve than anything.  I don’t like to mix sex scenes and horror movies.  I have found more often than not that when a horror movie is lacking in scare power, it makes up for it with a skin show.  If the sex adds to the story, fine, whatever – but I don’t like when it’s thrown into the story for no apparent reason.  Both writer and director did a great job of showing Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson‘s love for each other without having them bare it all on the screen.  Horror should be the focus of a horror movie, not the actor and actresses’ spare bits.

The story centers around a couple and their three children.  They move into a new house and immediately strange things begin.  At first, books are moved from the shelf onto the floor, and a box of sheet music goes missing.  Then, as things start getting worse, Renai (played by Rose Byrne) hears a horrifying voice on the baby monitor.  She runs upstairs to find that her baby is alone in its room, and she can’t find the source of the voice.  A few days later, her son falls into a coma which the doctor’s can’t seem to explain.  Her mother-in-law (Barbara Hershey) decides to call in the help of psychic Elise (Lin Shaye) in order to help with the haunting.  Josh (Patrick Wilson) doesn’t believe his wife or mother about the nature of the haunting until he finds evidence in his comatose son’s room.

I’m not going to spoil the movie by giving your further details, but I promise you – you’ve never seen a movie like this!  I have not come across the basic idea of this movie in any book I’ve read or movie I’ve watched until now.  “INSIDIOUS” is a welcome change from the horror reboots that Hollywood seems to enjoy inundating the theaters with – it relies on a very strong story and an equally strong cast.  If you see one movie that is in theaters now – go see “INSIDIOUS”.

Some interesting “INSIDIOUS” trivia:

* writer Leigh Whannell starred in the film as part of Elise’s team of paranormal investigators (he is the guy with the thick glasses)

* actress Lin Shaye appeared in “Snakes on a Plane

* actress Rose Byrne was in “Knowing” and “Sunshine”

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