Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

She’s a doozy!


If you’re a fan of horror, and you like to venture into unknown territory, I highly recommend a little gem from Severed Press.  It’s by an author named Luke Keioskie, whom you might remember as the author of Dead America.  Keioskie’s newest tale is Her, A Horror Story, currently available for Kindle, and at it’s current price, you’re all but stealing from both the author and the publishing company.  It’s a fairly fast read, propelled by the interesting characters and more twists and turns than a backwoods road.

Our literary femme fatale, Serenity, is anything but a by-the-book terror.  She’s a chameleon – reading your deepest desires and fashioning herself in their likeness.  Then, she’ll stalk you, captivate you, manipulate, and finally destroy you.

The story begins with Serenity walking down a road with her suitcase.  A passing driver picks her up and offers to take her to town.  Serenity accepts – it just so happens she has family in the next town.  Little does the driver know the capabilities of her strangely familiar passenger, or the hell she’s about to unleash on the quiet little town.

As Serenity mingles with the townsfolk and becomes a larger part of their lives, we learn more about her own history.  She’s been around for a deceptively long time – long enough to have lived many lifetimes.  While the scenery and players change around her each lifetime, Serenity’s purpose remains the same.  All  that Serenity wants is to be loved, and even though the price for her love is phenomenally high, most pay it unwittingly.  Simon Moss, on the other hand, finds out that there is an even higher and more terrible price for those who do not want her love.

When I first picked up Her, it sounded like an interesting story.  From the first sentence all the way through the end, I couldn’t put it down.  Keioskie kept me guessing the whole time.  Is Serenity a succubus?  Is she a vampire?  When I finally found out the answer, it blew me away.  Not because it was so simple, but because I had never seen it coming.  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a similar creature yet in my reading.

I highly recommend this story to anyone.  Whether you prefer zombies, ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, or less popular horrors, Her: A Horror Story is perfect for you.  Luke Keioskie has the unique ability to appeal to a vast range of horror fans.  Not a fan of horror?  Check it out anyway – you’ll never see the twist ending coming!






Holly Ann Kasprzak

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