Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Memorial Day Weekend Survival Guide

Memorial Day weekend is upon us at last, which means it’s time for hot dogs, grilling, backyard swimming pools, and time with loved ones.  If you’re looking to have some extra-special fun this weekend, check out the ideas below.  But whatever you choose to do, make sure you send your warmest thanks to our Vets, and keep the ones no longer with us in your memory.  Holiday-of-the-Dead-front

1.  Holiday of the Dead –  Driving into work this morning, I was thinking about leaving this one to the last, so I could spend forever raving about it.  However, since it’s $2.99 on Kindle (a steal) why wait?  This book is a riot.  It features stories by Iain McKinnon, David Dunwoody, Eric S. Brown, Shawn M Riddle, Joe McKinney, Bowie V. Ibarra, and so many other talented authors.  It even features a story set in a nudist colony!  There are stories about vacations in other countries, stories about popular vacation hot spots, and stories about all kinds of zombie mayhem.  I read this book last winter and I couldn’t put it down.  Every single story is better than the last.  I found myself laughing, crying, and cringing in terror.  Grab this for a great holiday read!

components2.  Zombie Dice –  This simple game comes in a can and features dice with pictures on them.  This game lasts about 10 minutes and can be played by up to 8 people at a time.  The rules are simple: roll the dice to eat brains and dodge bullets.  Being a zombie is easy!  So easy and portable, you can play it anywhere!  Take it to the beach, a picnic, or on the road to your next destination.  Having personally played this game, I can tell you that it’s a great conversation starter when you need to break the ice and get to know someone.

3.  Run For Your Lives – If you like running, physical fitness, or zombies, check out this site.  There may be a run site near you!  Basically, you run an obstacle course and get chased by zombies.  All you have to do is survive until you hit the finish line.  Or, if you’d just like to train like it’s the Apocalypse, pick up Zombies, Run! for your mobile device.  Over your music, you’ll hear instructions of zombie attacks.  Collect items when you complete missions, and build up your base.  Interval training just got awesome!

4.  The Walking Dead –  You can choose to catch up on either the AMC series, or the original graphic novel.  AMC recently walking-dead-daryl-merle-dixonannounced that they will be continuing the series.  If you’ve been caught up in other pursuits, now’s the time to get your Walking Dead on.  If you’re like me and prefer to read the story before watching the show, rest assured – they’re different enough that you don’t need to be familiar with one to enjoy the other.  Reading and TV not your style?  Play AMC’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.  If ou’re a fan of the antics of Daryl and Merle Dixon, you’ll be pleased to know that the game is voiced by Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker.  And if you’re also like me, you can’t deny your fascination for Norman Reedus.

FFP0101_LastNightOnEarth5.  Last Night On Earth –  Do you like role-playing games?  Then you’ll love this one.  Play out different scenarios as different people.  Just remember not to become a zombie!  Don’t fret – if you’re not the goody-goody type you can also opt to play as a zombie.  To quote John Leguizamo in Land of the Dead, “I’ve always wanted to see how the other half lives.”  All of the fun of zombie-dom without the pain of dying.

6.  For the Gardener – If you’re like my father, and tend to see Memorial Day Weekend as a time to get ahead on your gardening, take a look at this organizer wall posted on  It’s called a Zombiewall, and features a cheeky design for storing your gardening gear.  I might actually do this – but hang a sign over my things.  Maybe even hang my bicycle on a few hooks near it for extra cheesy appeal.  It seems fitting, considering Rum-Genericpretty much every other facet of my life has been invaded by zombies.  Why not the garden too?

7.  Last, but certainly not least, if you’re in charge of the celebratory drinks, let’s not forget to bring some zombies to the party.  Here are some zombie drinks that are sure to bring any party to life!  Just remember to drink responsibly.  If you’re going to drink, stay off the roads.  Call a cab, stay on a friend’s couch, sleep in your own bed.  There’s no reason to be turning yourself, a loved one, or a complete stranger into a zombie.

As for my plans, I’ll be at home hopefully finishing two books which need to be posted up for review, as well as working my way through Games of Thrones Seasons 1 & 2.  I might even get my garden in order, since my husband and I moved into our first house a few months ago and it was still snowing then.  Oh!  And lest I forget – my husband and I will be welcoming a new member to our family.  My parents have a few stray cats in their care, and TKout and I will be adopting one of the kittens, Tom.  He’ll be hanging out for a day or so before he visits our resident Overlord (our Bengal cat, Chloe).    

What are you going to be up to this wonderful weekend? 

Holly Ann Kasprzak

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