Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Make way for the Temptress!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve read any poetry, or written any.  To be honest, aside from the tongue-in-cheek holiday poetry books at Barnes & Noble, I didn’t even know that there was horror poetry available.  Thankfully, my ignorance was corrected earlier this year when I met Ladyaslan.   I met the remarkably intuitive poet in quite an unremarkable way.  We followed the same page on Facebook, and gradually began messaging.  I told her I ran a blog, she told me she wrote, and the rest is history.

The cover art of Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights alludes to the mysteries in the pages that follow.  While reading herladyaslan1 poetry, I couldn’t help but marvel at her boundless versatility.  Some of the poems are from the point of view of the hapless victims, sucked into the arms of the shadows of the night.  Other poems are voiced by the huntress, stalking the unaware who have only minutes of innocence left to them.  Still others are dark musings under moonlit skies.  You’ll meet vampires and revenants, and if you’re keen enough, you might pick out a succubus or two.  There are poems of regret and loss, poems of love and warning.  Ladyaslan moves deftly from emotion to emotion, all the while making it look easier than breathing.

By far, my favorite entry was entitled Gothix, which is a an opium and absinthe-soaked nightmare.  All of my favorite elements were in attendance: great atmosphere, graveyard charm, and fantastical monsters.  I have to confess that after I finished it, I had to read it again!  The second time was even better, because I picked up on nuances that I had missed the first time.

When you pick up your copy of Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights, make sure you set aside a long block for reading.  Once you start, you’re not going to want to stop.  Before you begin, make sure your tea is ready, your chores are done, and your phone is turned off.  You’ll want to give her your full attention.  Extra points if you’re reading this in a dimly lit room on a dark and stormy night, wrapped in your favorite lace shawl (gentlemen – feel free to substitute your favorite robe for shawl!)

If you’re wondering where you can purchase your own copy, have no fear!  Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights is available in every format you could want – electronic, paperback, and hardcover.  You can purchase it on,, and directly from her publisher, Xlibris.  In short, there’s no reason you don’t own this book right now.

Holly Ann Kasprzak

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