Saturday Jun 03, 2023

Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?

I recently read All Souls Day by Martin Berman-Gorvine, and reviewed it for this site. (Read the review here!) Then, do yourself a favor and go purchase it here. I finished this book in a matter of days. It’s a helluva page-turner, and it leaves you absolutely salivating for more.

Luckily, it’s part of a series called The Days of Ascension. The next book in the series hasn’t been published yet, so you still have more than enough time to go and read the first book, then peruse the rest of Martin’s works.

Martin was kind enough to send me a 7 page teaser of the next book, Days of Vengeance. Holy mackerel! I’m going bonkers dying to know what happens next! Talk about a cliffhanger! Even though this isn’t the final copy, we pick up right where we left off in the last book. Our surviving characters trying to figure out how to move on, and what to make of their shattered lives and relationships. To that end, I’m going to say “holy shit!” because the characters have found themselves in a hellish interpersonal tangle. One that I do not envy them for one single iota! I wish I could say more, but Martin has me on a gag order not to give too much away, and I don’t want to spoil the ending of the first book.

Along with the book teaser, Martin sent me an image of the cover. The art is by Christian Bentulan, whose work I was previously unacquainted with. If you peruse his website, you will find a variety of covers. He sells both pre-made and custom covers.

Christian’s work is original, and done by photo manipulation. His pre-made covers go for $50, and are so interesting that I wish there were a story behind them so I could read it. (For my author friends out there looking for a really standout cover artist, his FAQ states he will hold a pre-made image for 7 days free of charge while you consider. Sounds like a steal to me!)

While on his site, you can also take a look at his past work. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but I am more than willing to look into some of these books solely based on their cover art.

If you’re looking for a wild ride of a read, pick up Martin’s All Souls Day, so you can begin the countdown to the release of Day of Vengeance. If you’re looking for a smashing book cover, check out Christian’s pre-mades, or have him custom design one of your own (starting at $150).


Holly Ann Kasprzak

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