Saturday Jun 03, 2023

Eric Pigors Swag!

I was not familiar with Eric Pigors until I met Dipper. One night at work he gave me an Eric Pigors book that he had doubles of and that was all it took. I was hooked on the creepy artwork and morbid subject matter. Last Spring, Dipper and I ordered some shirts off the website. I got a Lucky 13 Frankenstein baseball shirt, and he got a Ghastly Ones t-shirt.

For my birthday this year, Tkout spoiled me with an Eric Pigors hoodie, the new Rotting Caskets Funeral Home design. I am absolutely in love with it! The design is fantastic, and is printed on the back, hood, and one sleeve. It fits really well too. It features Frankenstein and his bride, as well as a ghost, and the usual noose imagery that I’ve come to expect in a Frankenstein design. As with any order, Eric also included some signed prints, business cards, and this time he sent along a die-cast sticker too. I intend to frame the artwork and hang it in the library. Everything was well packaged, and worth the wait!

Apparently going to his website is a dangerous thing, because I saw several patches that I am planning to purchase. I couldn’t walk away empty-handed, so I purchased a makeup bag with a metric ton of characters on it, as well as the fact that the orange strap and outside are sparkly orange. It’s technically a Halloween-themed bag, but I think I will be finding a use for it with my crafting items. If only so that I have an excuse to gaze lovingly at it year round!

With shipping, my bag came to $28. Normally I’m not the kind of girl that will spend that kind of money on a makeup bag. However, I know the quality of Eric’s merchandise, and I can tell you that this item is going to be well worth the money. Not to mention, look how cool the design is! And it’s lined with purple satin, my favorite color! The more I look at this, the more I think this would make an excellent case for the really nice crochet hooks Tkout purchased for me awhile ago.






Holly Ann Kasprzak

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