Thursday Sep 21, 2023

Book Crawl – Crazy4Books

Every Tuesday, Dipper and I do something we call Book Crawl. Basically, we meet up, pick a bookstore to haunt for a bit, and then find lunch. It’s the day I look forward to all week – because there is nothing better than wandering around the stacks upon stacks of books in a used bookstore. Don’t get me wrong – I love new bookstores too. Hell, I love books. But there’s something about discovering books discarded and looked over by everyone else that is amazing. And doing it with someone who is just as excited as you are? Absolutely priceless.

That being said – let’s get to the finds! (Mostly because Dipper reads this blog, and I know he’s already rolling his eyes.) He took me to a place called Crazy4Bookz, which is deceptively large. It’s a small storefront tucked in between two larger buildings. But when you get inside, the bookstore is quite deep. It’s got the usual and comfortable used book smell, and every wall is covered in shelving and books. It’s an absolute heaven! IMG_8385

  • Crochet Gifts to Go! – If I’ve never mentioned it before, let me mention it now. I crochet. Wherever I can. And with terrible reckless abandon. And since this is full of hideous
    patterns, well, I just had to have it.
  • Not Your Mama’s Crochet – I have no idea why the hell I bought this. (But let me take a moment to defend myself, saying yes, I have a cat. And yes. I am married.)
  • The Zom-B Chronicles – It’s three books in one, and I love series! It looks like it might be young adult. I love stories about kids adapting to – and surviving – the apocalypse. Despite it’s size, it should be a quick read.
  • Carnival of Souls – I love movies that get turned into books, and I prefer to read the book first. Not to mention, this looks trashy-scandalous and absolutely awesome.
  • Midnight Fright: A Collection of Ghost Stories – I bought this solely for the cover. I love the terrifying clown looking out from under the bed. Scary stuff! The stories aren’t bad either – Man-Size in Marble and The Yellow Wallpaper are just two of them. I will say, they’re strange picks for a young adult book listed as reading level 6.5.
  • The Amityville Horror – A first print hardcover edition of this book. Because – OH MY GOD THAT’S AWESOME! Squee aside, I love hardcover first edition books. And I’ve been looking for this one for quite some time. There it was, laying on a shelf in between some other books. The dust jacket is a little beat up, but not bad at all for a book from 1977. The first page has the name of the previous owner scrawled in pen, but what do you expect?

I absolutely loved hitting up Crazy4Books. It’s the kind of used bookstore that you want to spend hours in, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to truly appreciate all of the bookcases and the nooks of the shop. After I had paid and was waiting for Dipper, I discovered a whole other room in the back of the shop that I hadn’t even noticed. Apparently the shop is double the size I thought it was. A handy lesson for the next time we happen to Book Crawl.

If you’re wondering, on the off-chance, what lunch was – we happen to favor a nice little teriyaki place in the mall. Not too greasy. Good portion size. And good grief is the food amazing!

Holly Ann Kasprzak

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