Platonic Valentine’s Day

This year, Dipper and I celebrated Platonic Valentine’s Day. We got each other
cards, he got me a candy bar (it was DIVINE! Chocolate and crystalized ginger…be still my beating heart!) I can’t tell you what I got him just yet, as it hasn’t arrived. midnight blueBut he had apparently been searching high and low for a particular book to give to me. It’s called Midnight Blue, by Nancy Collins.

There’s a couple reasons why this is such a noteworthy gift, not the least of which is that he described it was one of the two most important books he’d ever read. (The first, Norwegian Wood, was my Christmas present. And it’s going to get it’s own post. When I’m over the extreme trauma of reading it. I’m not even kidding. If you ever want to have your heart torn out, slowly, surely, and page by page, that’s the book for you.) The next is that he found me the omnibus edition. I’m a completist. If I start a series, I like to be able to read all of them. With this particular edition, I don’t have to hunt down all the volumes. It contains Sunglasses After Dark, In the Blood, and Paint It Black.

I’m on a big werewolf kick at the moment, but I am deeply intrigued by the title and the character. Apparently she’s a vampire vampire slayer. No, that wasn’t a typo. And she’s badass. I’m going to try and chew through the few books I’m working on now and then start this. CANNOT. WAIT.

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