Thursday Jun 01, 2023

2016 Year on

A few months ago, I became active again on If you’re unfamiliar with the site, I highly recommend checking it out. You can log books that you are reading, want to read, and have read. You can also write reviews for books. You can create digital bookshelves to organize your books, as well as recommend books to others. Many authors are on as well, which is pretty cool considering you can interface with them, see what they’re reading, and see what books of theirs you’re missing. (If you want to connect with me, I am searchable on the site. My name is listed as Holly Ann, and the email address is

I also participated (albeit late) in a reading challenge. I figured why not, since I enjoy posting my reading progress on the site, which it then uploads to Facebook as well. This year, I made my goal 79, which I’m sure I’ll surpass, since I’m allowing graphic novels and young adult fiction to be counted as well.

The site also does a round-up at year’s end, giving you stats about what you read. Here’s a screenshot of my 2016 year. (I declined to screenshot the section showing the covers of the books I’ve read. I’m just including my stats.)


Prior to this challenge, I didn’t realize just how many books I read each year. I’m sure this year was a little heavier, because I was borrowing so many¬†graphic novels¬†from Dipper. However, it gives me a real sense of pride at my literary accomplishment. Especially considering 2016 was my own private hell in terms of personal (and family) illnesses.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this new year brings, both in terms of expanding my literary tastes, and also in terms of what new friends I might meet. And if you happen to see me on, add me and let’s be friends!


Holly Ann Kasprzak

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